How an Eco-Conscience Approach Can Accelerate Your Business Growth

By: | November 3rd, 2016

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When it comes to eco-friendly lifestyles, we tend to think of words like ‘organic,’ ‘natural,’ and ‘nurturing.’ We think about the impact that green technologies have on our personal and family lives. Yet, increasingly, there is another side to developing and expressing an eco-conscience. For businesses, the time has come to realize that the green movement holds great benefits for them as well.

If you own a small to medium enterprise, you are perfectly placed to take advantage of eco-friendly workplace routines. Whether it’s swapping out conventional bulbs for LED panel lights or implementing policies on the use of office equipment, just a few small changes can make a big difference to profitability and team morale.

This guide to the many benefits of developing your eco-conscience will help you streamline your business and help it embark on a leaner, greener future.

Green Policies Reduce Utility Costs

First and foremost, investing in green technologies will save you money. And when a business saves money, it has more opportunities to grow and evolve. For instance, making it an office rule to switch off computers when not in use costs absolutely nothing. Yet, it can cut as much as 20% off annual utility costs. Buying greener, more efficient office equipment requires an investment in the short term, but over enough time, it can reduce consumption by as much as 60% each year.

Natural Light Boosts Productivity

Over the years, numerous studies have extolled the advantages of natural light in workplaces. Exposure to daylight actually boosts productivity levels and helps employees stay focused for longer. It is a good idea then to combine energy efficient LED bulbs with broad, expansive skylights so that workers benefit from the healthiest, greenest light sources. It is also believed that working in natural light makes it easier for employees to have a restful sleep. If your team is bright and alert every morning, they’ll achieve more and find tasks easier to tackle.

Flickr CC/Gardening Solutions

Flickr CC/Gardening Solutions

Air Quality and Absenteeism Are Linked

We now know that the quality of the air within a workplace can have a dramatic impact on the health of employees. If you don’t have good circulation throughout the premises, it is easier for germs to hang around and cause sickness. This is why a robust air conditioning system is not only good for the internal environment, it is guaranteed to save you money. Or, for a cheaper alternative, you could introduce plants to the workspace. They absorb toxic compounds and employees are, on average, around 15% more productive in environments containing leafy, green plants.

Going Green Means Staying Competitive

Finally, it is important to understand that the green movement is here to stay. It isn’t a fad or a fleeting trend; it’s something that all of us need to incorporate into our lives if we want to preserve the health of our planet. So, the demand for eco-friendly credentials will continue to increase. Already, consumers are being more thoughtful about who they buy products from, who they do business with, and who they recommend to their friends. To stay competitive and relevant, you need to move with customers and embrace your eco-conscience.

Why Picking a Reliable Lighting Provider Is Important  

All businesses need a combination of artificial and natural light sources. For most, LEDs are the best choice, because they balance efficiency with affordability and ease of use. The average LED bulb can last for as long as 50,000 hours, so they can be operational for years without ever needing to be changed. This is ideal for offices and other workplaces because it means that time, money, and manpower can all be saved.

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