Earth: Rumble, Crumble, Crack: Mexico’s Sonoran Desert Splits Open With a Giant Crack in the Earth

By: | October 20th, 2014

There are few facts but a lot of speculation as to why a massive crack developed in the Sonoran desert region of Hermosillo, Mexico. The mystery is, just what could possibly cause this particular area to develop such an extensive sized trench? Was it an earthquake, a fracking fissure, a “sink crack” rather than sink hole, or the result of monsoon style rainfall after an extended period of drought? The nearly half mile long fissure is as wide as 15’ and deeper than 25’ at some points.

Earth’s been grumbling a lot lately. Giant sinkholes have swallowed buildings in Florida, volcanoes erupted in Papua, New Guinea and Iceland, and then there’s the California earthquake that just hit Napa Valley. Not to mention enormous methane burp holes, or whatever they turn out to actually be, in Siberia.

It’s unsettling to think the earth can just suddenly come unglued as it did in Mexico. But, the public is being assured there is no reason to panic or to assume the crack will expand. And there is no recent continuation of the “phenomenon.”

It’s fairly certain an earthquake can’t be the cause because the sides are not unevenly raised, though seismic activity is not uncommon in the region. Geologists believe it was likely caused by collapsed earth as an underground stream was diverted by farmers for a levee to water their fields. Oooops.

Meanwhile, it cuts across a well traveled rural desert roadway that connects Hermosillo with the western coast and the Gulf of California. Without understanding the cause, it is perplexing as to what should be done as a solution.

The video flyover is something to see! It looks like the earth came unseamed, leaving a gashing wound. For sure, it won’t heal itself, so some human salve will need to be concocted. And let’s hope there is realistic and intelligent assessment of how to avoid a repeat performance, especially if it turns out to be human caused.

News later as to the actual reason, and proposed remedies, for this one. Whatever the experts come up with, it’s bound to be interesting. But for now, it’s all just land speculation.

Carol Mosley

Carol Mosley is a social ecologist, freelance writer, human rights activist, mini-farmer, and educator.

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