Dutch Scientists Grow Super Plant ‘Green Junkie’ to Suck Smog From City Roads

By: | August 25th, 2016

Image courtesy https://www.wageningenur

Plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen during the photosynthesis process which helps it grow faster. As per estimates, plants remove around 40% of all the carbon dioxide that humans put into the atmosphere.

Scientists in Amsterdam are working on a super plant that can suck carbon dioxide and other harmful gases to clean the air more efficiently.

The project, called Green Junkie, is a collaboration between urban-improvement group AMS Institute, MyEarth, and the Wageningen University and Research Centre.

This super plant ‘Green Junkie’ is a type of honeysuckle plant that craves carbon dioxide. It has lots of ‘hairs’ that help it absorb more pollutants in comparison to other plants.

Image courtesy https://www.wageningenur

Image courtesy https://www.wageningenur

The Green Junkie will take in more pollutants than other plants

Scientists have used a special fertilizer from plant waste to increase the amount of hairs on the plant so that it can take in more pollution.

These specially modified honeysuckle plants are encased in protective tubes and installed on Amsterdam city streets. Scientists are testing the effectiveness of these plants in clearing the smoggy air around them.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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