Don’t Buy an EV Car Before You Consider These Key Elements on Charging

By: | June 22nd, 2021

So, you have picked your next EV car after carefully considering its performance, range, nominal charging times, and you also read handling reviews on various automotive blogs, and its style just speaks to your heart. But are you sure you have considered everything? Is it possible that you have omitted a very crucial detail that will make you regret your choice or curse the moment you clicked on that “order” button without considering all of the potential intricacies?

To save you from such a disaster, let us inform you that all the “traps” around the selection of the right EV car hide in the charging aspect, so here are the things you should consider: 

  • What charging port does it use? This is key because it determines compatibility with charging stations you may have thought you can rely on. Not all connectors are the same, and not all charging stations have universal output options.
  • Where are the compatible charging stations located? Make sure to check if there are compatible charging stations near your home, and if you’re planning certain trips, check if there are compatible stations along the route you’re taking. Measure the distance between them and verify that your car’s range can cover it.
  • Will they work in other countries? If you’re planning to immigrate from North America to Europe, or if you would like to take your Tesla from Australia to China, tough luck. The standards and sockets are different in each continent, so the answer is no.
  • Can I charge at home? This is the million-dollar question. You’ve got to consider voltages and also the outlet compatibility and the ability of your home’s network to handle the amperage required. If the carmaker of your choice offers a home pack, consider its cost, the installation requirements, and also its performance.


Bill Toulas

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