Reliable in Wind, Waves, and Weather: DNV GL Certified Cables For E-Chains

By: | March 7th, 2019

The 370 certified chainflex cables are the only DNV GL approved cables for e-chains in the offshore market. (Source: igus GmbH)

Over 370 chainflex® cables from igus for a secure and long-lasting energy and data supply at sea

Energy chains used in the maritime industry have special requirements for safe energy and data transmission, and igus is the only manufacturer to develop, test and certify cables in accordance with DNV GL for use in that particular field.

Customers for gas production facilities, oil rigs, wind farms, port facilities and ship cranes have access to more than 370 control, servo, motor and robot cables as well as bus, data, encoder and fiber optic cables for safe operation of maritime applications.

DNV GL is an international accredited registrar and classification society based in Norway. It is the world’s largest classification society, providing services for more than 13,000 vessels and mobile offshore units. igus, the Germany-based manufacturer of motion plastics, runs its North American operations out of Providence, R.I.

Guaranteed energy and data supply

Oceans have long been part of the global economy by way of worldwide cargo traffic and wind farms. Offshore companies face similar challenges as their onshore counterparts. In the exploration and transport of raw materials at sea, for example, cost pressure has risen sharply in recent years. Automation, already state-of-the-art on land, is also becoming important in the offshore sector.

 chainflex® cables from igus guarantee reliable energy and data supply, which leads to cost savings. This starts with straightforward planning using the approved cables, continues with simple installation and ends with smooth and maintenance-free operation in extreme conditions.

Offshore companies and their suppliers who are thinking of expanding their renewable technologies or preparing their merchant fleets for the future now have more than 370 DNV GL certified cables from igus. These cables are designed for the highly dynamic use in energy chains for safe operation at sea.

Extensive testing and seawater resistance

Together with the DNV GL, igus has developed new test methods and standards for dynamically used cables in e-chains. In addition to the extensive testing procedures in accordance with DNV GL, the cables have also been tested under real conditions in the 2,750 square-meter igus test laboratory.

The cables are guaranteed for up to 10 million strokes in energy chains, are flexible in terms of operating temperatures down to -40°C and are also UV-resistant. Besides having seawater resistance, the cables also operate reliably under the influence of oil. The cables are resistant according to MUD NEK606, which enables maintenance-free pumping on drilling rigs and also enhance operator safety. Specially designed for movement in e-chains, the cables reliably carry out their tasks, regardless of the length of the travel or the load to be moved.

chainflex® cables keep maritime installations moving reliably

With chainflex® cables, plant construction teams enjoy maximum freedom for the design of cables and energy chains, since there are virtually no limits to the application areas. Underwater or on the surface, or under permanent sunshine or in prolonged cold, maintenance-free chainflex cables work reliably. The use of approved chainflex® cables means safe and stable operation of offshore installations for all those responsible for the proper running of a facility in shipyards, equipment suppliers, general contracting or manufacturing companies.

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