Diesel Emissions Scandal Forces Volkswagen to Recall 8.5 Million Vehicles

By: | October 27th, 2015

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Volkswagen’s ongoing diesel emissions scandal has been highly documented over the past few weeks and has now forced the company to recall 8.5 million vehicles across Europe.

The recalled vehicles, which include 2.4 million in Germany alone, contain “defeat devices” that optimize their engines to perform well during emissions testing.

However, Volkswagen’s cars have actually been spouting far more toxic diesel emissions than regulations allow and the company is looking at a whole slew of fines and global lawsuits.

Volkswagen says the repairs for the issue “will begin in January 2016 — at no cost to our customers.”

German regulators have given the automaker until the end of November to come up with an effective plan to resolve the mess it finds itself in before delivering more sanctions.

Volkswagen is also reportedly working on an extensive fix for owners of its vehicles in the United States.

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