Desktop Weaponry: The Assassin’s Micro Crossbow

By: | December 18th, 2014

Micro Crossbow

Micro Crossbow (Image Courtesy

“Get your point” across to a bothersome colleague 30 feet away, an obnoxious boss or a love rival with the “Micro Crossbow”; flaming arrows and exploding tips optional.

The crossbow shoots modified cotton swabs, wood matches, and more. The bow is made of spring steel giving it surprising power; the crossbow can be cocked and aimed at targets big and small.

Catch The Wave Of Innovative Projects To Inspire Kids of All Ages

Today a number of websites seek to make step by step building plans available for all sorts of fun and interesting gadgets, objects and projects that are sure to peek the interest of children from 4 years old to and young adults. These projects introduce children at an early age engineering concepts and the creative use of a variety of materials. , for example, the bow in the crossbow is made from metal hairpins easily found in any drugstore.

Instructables, for example, teaches kids to make hammocks, Web-enabled TV remotes, real time weather dashboards, small rovers, robots. There are a number of projects to do if you have a 3D printer. There are also projects for bluetooth gloves, glove box lights, six wheeled all-terrain vehicles and battery chargers, just to name a few.

Another site, SonicDad helps fathers come up with ideas for their sons and daughters to introduce them to great and crazy projects including “golf ball spinning tops”, supersonic soakers, action figure parachutes, water rockets, traditional kites, carbide cannons and rattlesnake eggs, just to name a few.

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