Cyclists Get a High Tech Co-Pilot with This Cloud-Connected Bike Lock

By: | May 27th, 2014

Start your own bike sharing community and let your lock alert you if someone’s hanging around your bike. Photo © Skylock

Velo Labs out of San Francisco claims its new “Skylock” bike lock will start “the age of connecting cycling.” Skylock allows users to share the lock combination with other cyclists, essentially creating a bike sharing community.

The lock has some impressive features, from pressing a button to unlock it or simply using bluetooth to unlock it automatically when you walk up to your bike, to text alerts when someone is holding or standing around your bike too long. And if you’re into safety, the app will send for emergency help and even contact your mom if it senses an accident and you don’t respond to a text asking if you are okay.

Did we mention it’s also solar powered? The solar panel continually trickle-charges the battery so the lock is always ready to use.

Jack Al-Kahwati, co-founder of Velo Labs, told NPR, “We definitely see the idea of being able to open this to anybody, allowing anybody to ‘Airbnb’ their bikes.”

Look for Skylock to be available later this year for $159. After an introductory period expires, Skylock’s price is set to skyrocket to $250.

Marshall Smith

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