Current Trends In Night Vision Technology and their Application

By: | January 27th, 2021

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Night vision technology is essentially a system that allows users to see in complete darkness and improve one’s vision in environments with less lighting. The most common application of night vision technology includes driving at night, flying planes at night, security and surveillance. It also allows for individuals to conduct observations or inspections in the dark and conduct search and rescue missions in the night for emergencies. It also helps individuals hike at night.

The main idea behind night vision technology is a bright light that throws infrared radiation that cannot be viewed by the human eye. However, a camera can view this light and hence captures whatever the vision is in front of them.

Ever since the introduction of night vision technology, many trends have emerged that apply night vision technology to everyday uses and into intelligence requirements. For instance, the latest trend in night vision technology is using it in conjunction with thermal imaging and image intensification.

When you are looking to develop image intensification systems, it is necessary that you produce minute quantity of light because these are designed to absorb little light and intensify it to produce images of the subject or matter in front of it. The image hence produced is illuminated and works great for night vision.

Thermal imaging systems however do not need light to produce illuminated images as they can detect infrared and near-infrared radiations. They detect these radiations by the objects in their surroundings and then they convert those radiations to create a visible image or images of the subject or matter in front of them.

For the military, the application of night vision technology with thermal imaging is a great initiative as it allows soldiers to view their surroundings and keep watch even in the dark. In poor visibility, this technology allows soldiers to view or search for things or individuals very precisely.

Another trend in night vision technology is making it wireless. This has great applications in defense when individuals are far off in remote locations and can use this technology to navigate in the dark without anything holding them back.

A trend with concern to night vision technology that is catching on is the development of night vision devices that are light in weight and easy to carry around. Hikers, soldiers, and travelers who travel with limited baggage benefit greatly from this trend as it is easy for them to carry around night vision devices. Night vision optics from AGM Global Vision have an array of night vision optic devices that are lightweight and easy to use and carry around during your trips or adventures.

With the increased popularity of night vision technology and its demand in the general consumer, manufactures are beginning to realize the importance of bringing innovation to their manufacturing processes. They are looking to integrate night vision technology in different products and fields by creating new and novel methods of its use.


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