Crowds of People Climbed Into This Crazy Glowing Orb Under One of London’s Busiest Highways

By: | February 1st, 2015

London’s Light Night Canning Town is an annual light-focused installation art exhibit located beneath the city’s busy A13 highway.

Last year, in November, many of the visitors to the yearly event were enthralled by London design studio Loop.pH’s inflatable planetarium made from silver mylar.

The installation, called Osmo, featured a zip-up entrance for people to crawl into and then gaze at laser-projected stars on Osmo’s 29-foot-high ceiling.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the crazy “star tent,” or whatever you want to call it, is the fact that the projections of the stars are actually based on the real night sky, according to Loop.pH’s Mathias Gmachl.

In order to pull this off, Loop.pH utilized this map from In the Sky, which features 88 constellations “plotted on a rectangular grid right ascension – celestial longitude – and declination – celestial latitude.”

While the piece of artwork is certainly not perfect, the installation is a neat way to feel closer to outer space without having to call up Elon Musk or Richard Branson.

Loop.pH actually labeled Osmo with a subtitle that perfectly explains its purpose:

A beginners guide to constructing the cosmos.

Osmo, A beginners guide to constructing the cosmos from Loop.pH on Vimeo.

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