Could The Future of Skincare be Changing Soon?

By: | June 2nd, 2021

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Biohacking enthusiast and purist Jasmine Vico says it is needed to look at many other facets of the body when it comes to improving your skin. To remedy the situation, a complete holistic overhaul is needed.

Vico’s Future Hopes

With all that biohacking has on offer Vico is already dreaming about a future where this technology can be used to fix our own bodies. This includes restoring sleeping patterns, prolonging your lifespan, and even the ability to print your own skin!

Her vision is that people will become more mindful of prevention rather than cure. For example, studies have shown that by sleeping on a ground mat, you are able to reduce inflammation instantly.

Furthermore, as crazy as it sounds, the capability of being able to print your own skin grafts and adding it to, let’s say, burnt or flawed body parts is not as far off as it seems. In fact, a machine already exists that has the capacity to do precisely this!

What Does Skin-Biohacking Mean For us?

With the help of other bio-electric machines and nanobots, skin bio-printing will become a reality due to the device’s capability of constructing amino acids and peptides. These two components are what exists in the skin, and by gaining a better understanding of related factors such as sleeping patterns, we will be well on our way!

Jasmine also feels that once we gain a better understanding of our own bodies and what we can do to enhance their performance and take better care of them, we will generally be more mindful and eager to take appropriate action– meaning the required amount of self-discipline will come ultimately holistically!

The Future of Ageing and Beauty

Vico predicts that even skincare brands will come on board to develop custom anti-aging solutions suited to every individual’s unique dermal requirements. She further aims that beauty will run deeper than just a vanity component.

Once the focus on acceptance of what you look like has been implemented, other enhancements like 3D Bio-printing technology might just be able to provide that “forever-young” desire all women have.


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