Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 Lets Your iPhone Take a Beating

By: | July 25th, 2018

gorilla glass 6


Gorilla Glass from Corning has been a game-changer for smartphones from the very beginning. The company’s latest version, Gorilla Glass 6, is no exception, with Corning approximating it will enable a user to drop their iPhone 15 times from a one-meter height without damage, while at the same time retaining the excellent scratch resistance of previous Gorilla Glass releases.

Corning boasts that the new glass provides double the durability of Gorilla Glass 5. The company’s vice president and general manager, John Bayne, adds in a statement, “Corning Gorilla Glass 6 improves upon Gorilla Glass 5 by surviving drops from higher heights, but, more importantly, has been engineered to survive multiple drops.”

Gorilla Glass 6 is Corning’s latest attempt to keep up with innovation within the smartphone industry. As phones get slimmer, Corning is learning to walk the fine line of maintaining high drop resistance and scratch resistance at the same time, a difficult task.

Expect Gorilla Glass 6 to hit the market in a few months.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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