Conceptual “Transformer” Excavator from SANY

By: | December 14th, 2012

“It’s amazing! Take a photo for me with the transformer!” At the exhibition, the conceptual excavator robot “Transformer” made by Sany Heavy Machinery became the indisputable “Popular Star” in the Exhibition.

“Look! The transformer can move its arms and shake its head,” one cried out with excitement. The robot is around 8 meters in height, with an excavating bucket as its right arm and a rotary drilling rig as its left arm. It looks powerful and mysterious.

The handsome transformer is highly simulated from Sany excavator. It is estimated that over 20,000 people came to watch the transformer on the first day of the exhibition.

As a construction machinery manufacturer with dreams and enterprising spirit, Sany always has foresights to explore the best products. This year, the design of the transformer-like conceptual excavator developed by Sany was an eye-catcher in the exhibition that well revealed the company’s passion and charisma.

Sany exhibited many high-end products in the exhibition, including 350-ton all-terrain crane, road construction equipment, brand-new Sany mining machine SRT95T, “Rotary Rig King” SR360II and several new hydraulic excavators with positive-flow hydraulic control system, such as SY135, SY215, SY235, etc.

Check out the SANY website for more information.

Jeremy Helms

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