How Computers Have Influenced Biomedical & Electrical Engineering

By: | March 14th, 2017

Computer & Electrical Engineering

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The Computer’s Huge Impact on Electrical Engineering

A promising area of engineering is electrical engineering and computer science which teach engineering principles based on mathematics, computation, and an understanding of physical science. Engineers involved in electrical engineering and computer science are developing technology in wide use today including computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Engineers are also heavily involved in the Internet of Things (IoT) which is an exploding field and will bring computers and electrical engineering together on a larger scale than ever before. Getting the world’s manufacturing base up and running on intelligent networks based on computers and electrical engineering will take decades, but will pay huge dividends to engineers and the world.

Biomedical Engineering Taking Off Worldwide

Today, biomedical engineering is the fastest growing field among engineering disciplines. This is good news for US biomedical engineers but with a caveat: more and more engineering jobs and services are being outsourced to engineers and companies in emerging markets.

In addition to this, the allocation of investments in engineering is high in the US but moving away from mature markets toward emerging markets. While automation will give US-based companies a chance to compete in some industries, there are still scores of highly educated engineers in emerging markets with incomes significantly below levels still found in the United States.

How These Fields Are Merging

And there is a considerable amount of overlap or intertwining of these fields of study and the technology they produce. For example, electrical engineers are now creating tiny and powerful medical devices that are implantable and are expected to significantly change the future of medicine.

The following video from Michigan EECS explains “What is Electrical/Computer Engineering?”

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