Color-Changing Technology Warns Other Drivers about Your Bad Mood

By: | February 20th, 2014

We’ve covered the color-changing Toyota here at IndustryTap that acts as a mood ring on wheels. Researchers are currently working on new technology that will be able to tell your mood, especially when you are driving. It is reported that the tech will be able to determine whether you are bored, aroused, feeling glum or even happy.

It may feel like the tech is tattling on you but it’s really being designed to help save lives. Affective Computing Group at MIT’s media lab is behind AutoEmotive. The goal is to have the technology detect whether you’re stressed or tired and actually react to what your mood is saying about you.

For example, if your mood says you’re distressed, the tech may dim the lights and turn down the music to relax you. And, just like the Toyota mentioned above, your car could change colors to warn other drivers about your mood.

Of course, there are other uses for this technology beyond the roadways. Medical researchers, teachers and even advertisers would love to apply this tech to their fields. Imagine an advertiser knowing what  consumers really feel about a product simply by watching mood-detecting technology speak for them.

Michael Cooney

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