Colliding Global Megatrends Offer Challenges & Opportunities

By: | December 13th, 2015

Global Megatrends PWC

Global Megatrends PWC (Image Courtesy

Price Waterhouse Coopers Global Annual Review for 2015 identifies four major megatrends affecting the world today, including 1) the sharing economy to unlock the dormant value of products and services; 2) connected living; 3) Supercompetitive cities; and 4) Food integrity and transparency.

The following four videos go into detail on each of these global megatrends.

Video & report (see the following link) from pwc on the sharing economy. The sharing economy is emerging due to the recent spate of technological breakthroughs combined with resource scarcity, increasing urbanization, and demographics.

Video & report (see the following link) from pwc on connected living. Connected living concerns how technology is changing where, when, and how we work and produce goods and services. New digital platforms are changing everything about human life. Examples include changes in education, entertainment, home, health, transport, work, and more.

Video & report (see the following link) from pwc on supercompetitive cities. The world is seeing rapid urbanization everywhere, and cities will be the engines of economic growth, cultural creativity, and technology breakthroughs for the foreseeable future. Cities are also likely to be the sources of positive political change, sustainability, and innovation.

Video & report (see the following link) from pwc on food integrity and transparency. According to the report, the world will need to increase agricultural production by 70% by 2050. To do this successfully, trust in the food industry must increase, consumer awareness improve, and food processes improved and made more efficient.

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