Colin Furze Has Done It Yet Again With the Jet-Kart… Yep, a Jet-Powered Go-Kart!

By: | May 18th, 2015

Photo by Appic on Unsplash

Colin Furze’s new jet-powered go-kart, or jet-kart, spews out fire from its metal pipes as it flies down the road.

In fact, the pipes coming off of the back of the go-kart get so hot that they actually turn orange mid-drive.

Before his runway ran out of track, Furze’s jet-kart hit an impressive 60 miles per hour!

Pretty crazy, for a custom-built go-kart if you ask me.

You can watch the jet-kart test run below or check out how Colin Furze built the crazy kart here and here.

Marshall Smith

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