Colgate Teams with Apple for Its First Smart Toothbrush

By: | January 18th, 2018

Smart Toothbrush

Source: Colgate

The Colgate E1 is the company’s first smart toothbrush, however, you won’t be able to simply buy the product at your local Target or Walmart.

Colgate is teaming up with Apple in order to sell the smart toothbrush exclusively in Apple stores, as, of course, it comes with its own IOS app called Colgate Connect.

By utilizing the companion app, users will be able to track brushing habits, map out their mouths, learn new brushing techniques, and even play games.

I wouldn’t quite bet on people putting down their PS4 in favor of a toothbrush but you never know …

The Colgate E1 will be available at Apple Stores for $99 so we’ll reserve judgment until the reviews come in for the techy toothbrush.

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