The Cloth Seats in New Ford F-150’s Are Made From Recycled Bottles

By: | March 27th, 2015


Ford has been using a sewable fabric known as “Repreve yarn” in the company’s vehicles since 2012, which is basically just recycled water bottles smashed and stretched into a usable material by a company called Unifi.

For the 2015 F-150’s equipped with cloth seats, Ford says they’ll divert 9 million plastic bottles from landfills now that Repreve is officially the truck’s standard seat material.

If you want to know how Repreve is made, you can check out the videos below, but it is essentially just waste polyester and plastic, mashed together, and superheated to create a usable/wearable fabric.

Other items that use Repreve yarn are some North Face jackets and skating shorts…

Marshall Smith

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