Chinese Tech Giant ‘Baidu’ Partners with Geely to Launch EV Car Brand

By: | January 12th, 2021

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Baidu Inc., the Chinese AI, search engine, internet, and AI company, has announced its plan to establish a new entity that will produce “intelligent” electric vehicles. The company has demonstrated its automated-driving solutions and even a remote driving service based on 5G internet in 2020. However, to build cars featuring this tech they will require the help of an expert, so they’re partnering with Geely for this purpose.

Geely is a Zhejiang-based automaker, owner of seven brands including Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, and Proton. Thus, they already have an international reach and possess the manufacturing know-how that should help bring the new company in esteemed status almost immediately. However, as Baidu clarifies in the announcement, the new entity will operate independently, from the R&D to the manufacturing, and from the sales to the service.

Baidu will provide its intelligent driving solutions and Geely will contribute its automobile expertise, while both will invest as needed. Examples given by Baidu at this time include the Apollo autonomous driving tech, the DuerOS, and Baidu Maps of course.

The Chinese tech giant already touts eight years of active AI-tech testing and widespread deployment in the transportation field, so they are now confident that they can bring a revolution in the field. Moreover, they expressed their willingness to engage in open collaboration across the AI-tech industry, helping in propelling a new wave of technological transformation globally.

As for the “EV” part of the story, Geely’s new ‘Sustainable Experience Architecture’ which is a new EV manufacturing platform designed to accelerate such efforts will be the basis for the new venture. Geely has its own dedicated EV company called ‘LEVC’, and they also produce luxury passenger EVs under the Volvo and the Polestar marques. So, all in all, they’re pretty knowledgeable on that part and ready to make a very bold move together with Baidu.

Bill Toulas

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