World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Plant to Be Topped With Green Roof and Solar Panels

By: | March 10th, 2016

China is building the largest waste-to-energy plant in the world. Danish firms Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and Gottlieb Paludan Architects have just won an international competition to design this power plant in Shenzhen, China.

With the aim to tackle Shenzhen’s serious waste problem, it will incinerate about 5,000 tons of waste each day. Architects expressed that “The plant is intended to showcase the waste-to-energy production as an important technical process that is geared to deal with the issues of growing waste, as well as the issue of finding more environmentally friendly ways of generating electricity.”

More About the Shenzhen Plant:

  • The plant has the world’s most advanced waste incineration technologies.
  • This plant is located on the mountainous outskirts of Shenzhen and is expected to incinerate about one-third of the waste generated by the city’s 20 million inhabitants.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of the plant, two-thirds of the 66,000-square-meter roof will be covered with photovoltaic panels. The remaining one-third will be used for green roofs, water collection and recycling systems, and skylights.
  • The waste burnt will be confined inside noise and odor-proof facades.
  • There will be wastewater treatment pools, a dormitory, a booster station, and a pressure station.
  • The plant will also feature some visitor-friendly activities, including a looping walkway that allows visitors to look at the inner workings of the plant. Moreover, from a rooftop viewing platform, one can enjoy picturesque views of the mountains, forests, and city.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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