China Using Supercomputer to Design Smart Cities

By: | January 26th, 2015

IndustryTap has frequently reported on advancements in supercomputer technology including “Supercomputer Technology Now Cooling HCPVT Solar Systems“, “Supercomputer Simulations Linchpin of Third Industrial Revolution,” and “IBM’s Watson Has a New Gig: World Class Chef.” We also regularly report on the “Top 500 Supercomputers“.

Now Chinese urban planners are taking a page from the folks and players at SimCity.

Digitizing the Design & Planning of Entire Cities

A perennial contender for top supercomputer is China, which is now using an $88 million Tianhe-1A supercomputer to completely plan, design, construct, and manage a modern city. Inputs include costs such as building materials, cement, and steel. The supercomputer is used to figure out ways to cut costs and expenses related to projects. For example, simulations are allowing savings of up to 20% on construction and operations of a subway system.

The Chinese intend to model and run simulations related to urban planning, meteorological forecasts, bio-medical, and equipment production and more. China’s Tianhe-1A supercomputer has a computing speed of 2,507 trillion calculations per second and costs $20 million a year to operate.

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