China Set To Construct World’s Tallest Building

By: | June 30th, 2013

Plans are underway in China to build the world’s tallest building, according to the Chinese construction company Broad Sustainable Building who have received official approval to commence building.

The company, which is a subsidiary of the Broad Group, promises to complete the ambitious 220 story building before the end of 2013, a noticeably daring challenge to undertake considering how it often takes years for such developments.

The showily title “Sky City” will be 838m high and will be built in the Wangcheng District in the city of Changsha. Broad have set a strict schedule to complete the structure, initially hoping to erect the building within 90 days but have since extended the project to seven months. Regardless, it seems like an almost unrealistic goal, so why have they taken on such a staggering task? For greater efficiency and to prove the viability of modular construction.

The company is known for the employment of modular construction, evidenced by the 30 story hotel building, also in China, which they constructed in 15 days, showing that Broad Group have some experience with strict deadlines. Modular construction means that more than half of the building’s structures are constructed offsite and transported to the building’s soon-to-be location and erected there on the foundation. It makes for a swifter assembly of vital components and greatly accelerates construction times in general.

Broad Group were so confident in Sky City, that some of the components were built offsite before approval from the government was given. If they complete the staggering development in the timeframe, it will be a huge step for construction, largely speaking, and will also change standards and expectations for high rise construction.

Sky City will potentially house over 30,000 residents and will include schools, stores and four helipads and will also be serviced by over 90 elevators. If completed, it will be the world’s highest building, overshadowing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which currently boasts that accomplishment.

Read the detailed specs for the Sky City building

Jonathan Keane

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