Certified Igus Cables Withstand Hurricanes and Cyclones to Meet the World’s Rising Demand for Oil

By: | July 14th, 2014

FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels) are massive floating oil production facilities with extreme storage space, located miles offshore. These vessels are capable of producing millions of barrels of oil while floating in the middle of the ocean with no engine, yet are able to withstand giant waves, hurricanes, and cyclones.

Most industrial equipment requires electrical power to run and control systems need control cables. Cables that are properly secured don’t need to be marine rated.

However, cables that are utilized in applications like motion control where there is continuous, repetitive motion, and the need to handle extreme marine conditions, require advanced materials and rigorous testing.

Igus has been developing advanced materials since 1964, specifically its ENERGY CHAIN CABLE CARRIERAs the company evolved over the years, igus began developing Chainflex MOTION cables for challenging applications like super flexible motion control cables.

This year, igus reached a new milestone in order to utilize cables for motion control application aboard ships and on other offshore applications without expensive custom certified solutions.

igus and the Germanischer Lloyd (GL) classification group worked 3 long years to jointly develop a new test standard, and have certified a total of 328 Chainflex cables from igus, making them the first cables to receive this certification specifically for use in cable carriers. This achievement proves the company is a leader in the manufacturing industry with the most certifications for cables.

The certified igus Chainflex continuous cables are not only flexible, but are waterproof and strong enough to withstand the extreme conditions FPSOs are exposed to in motion control applications.

As world oil consumption continues to rise, the only technical way to bring oil from deep water to the market is by utilizing FPSO’s, which big oil companies make long-term investments upwards of 30 years, worth hundred of millions of dollars.

With millions upon millions of dollars on the line as well as millions of barrels of oil, it is absolutely CRUCIAL igus Chainflex cables used for offshore drilling applications are 100% trustworthy and safe.

Because, there are literally no other cable systems with the igus certifications, igus products are continuously called upon by the largest companies in the world to meet oil demands for people around the globe.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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