Candle-Powered Device Helps Save on Heating Bills

By: | January 3rd, 2015

The unbelievably expensive heating bills at the end of the winter season makes everyone dream of a cheaper heating option.

Now, you can cut your electricity bill down to just 10 cents a day with a tiny device. Designed by an Academy of Fine Arts student in Rome, the device is named Egloo.

This cheap, small heater can warm up your room using only the flame of four candles. It has a terracotta base, a grill and two domes. The base holds all four candles, and the dome, which is supported by a metal grill, captures the heat and releases it.

Egloo weighs just two pounds, but it’s enough to heat a 215 square foot room. The room gets warmer in less than 5 minutes. Four candles are enough for heating a room for an average of 5 hours.

The estimated cost per refill is less than 10 cents, which is just a fraction of the cost as compared to other space heaters. Egloo comes in various colors – natural, red and shiny black enamel.

The primary limitation of the Egloo is that it can heat up to 50 degrees over the course of five hours, so it should be kept away from kids and pets.

Check out the project’s video here

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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