Candela’s New Electric Hydrofoil Speedboat Is Lightning Fast and Emissions-Free

By: | August 30th, 2021

Image courtesy: Candela

The Swedish company Candela Speedboat has presented the latest hydrofoil electric boat, the Candela C-8. Last year company launched its hydrofoiling “flying boat” called the C-7. Now they have come up with a better version dubbed the C-8. 

The company calls the C-8 the “iPhone moment for electric boats”. They claim that it has the longest range of any electric boat ever produced.

Following are some of its features:

  • C-8 is bigger than the original hydrofoils. The new 28-footer has a comfortable cockpit with seating for eight passengers, a sunbed, beds for four, and a marine toilet.
  • Its carbon fiber hull makes it more efficient than traditional speedboats.
  • The boat can then reach an electronically limited top speed of 30 knots (35mph or 55km / h).
  • The next-generation hydrofoil system lifts the boat up and out of the water to cut drag by up to 80 percent. This helps the boat to operate in virtual silence even at such a high speed.
  • It has a range of over 56 miles which is the longest range of any electric boat ever produced.   
  • The boat is also equipped with a 44 kWh battery pack that recharges in about two hours. 
  • It is also 95% cheaper to operate than a gas boat.
  • Candela developed the C-8 for mass production.
  • The C-8 also involves lesser maintenance costs than common gas or diesel-powered boats and even other electric boats.
  • The production of C-8s is expected to begin in January 2022, with a starting price of about $339,000. 

According to Gustav Hasselskog, founder and CEO of Candela, “We expect to produce several thousand Candela C-8s in the coming years,” 

“Those who have tried it once realize that boats will have to look like this in the future.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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