Can Evolutionary Algorithms & Big Data Deliver?

By: | December 2nd, 2014

AI & Evolutionary Algorithms

AI & Evolutionary Algorithms (Image Courtesy

The central promise of “big data” is to help governments and companies take whatever information or data they have or are able to collect, analyze it and by an alchemical process aka algorithms, turn it into gold. What’s new about “big data” is that algorithms must be “evolutionary algorithms”, that is, change as the information reveals new insights while working across tens of thousands of nodes.

Any IT department worth its salt is now hard at work finding or developing “artificial intelligence engines” that will spit out ideas and insights and lead to new product and service solutions for customers.

Startup Sentient Technologies is positioning itself as a leader in next generation software development, providing mission-critical technology for leading companies involved in financial-trading, transaction management, micro banking, e-wallet systems, security, life science data management and more.

According to Nigel Duffy, Chief Technology Officer for AI at Sentient, the company recently worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to create software tools for analyzing and predicting the rate of sepsis contraction in intensive care unit patients. This type of information can dramatically affect health outcomes in hospital settings and significantly reducing costs associated patient illnesses. Another project with MIT involves analyzing ICU blood pressure data and drawing health related conclusions.

Massively Scalable AI

At the heart of Sentient services is software that is massively scalable artificial intelligence designed to take on problems encountered in the analysis of large data sets.

Late last year Sentient Technologies raised $103.5 million from Tata Communications, Horizons Ventures and private investors.

The following is a video with Sentient Technologies co-founder, Babak Hodjat and Nigel Duffy, CTO.

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