You Can Buy Burning Man’s 55-Foot Long Flame-Throwing Scorpion Truck

By: | June 21st, 2016

Ebay Motor

Here’s the best eBay auction in recent memory:

Built on a 1991, 28-foot-long International boom truck, the Scorpion is a 55 feet long, 22-45 feet wide, 39-45 feet tall exact replica of a female emperor scorpion named Fluffy. The Scorpion boasts a computer controlled 7 gun flame thrower off the tail, 21 hydraulic points which make the arms, legs, and claws all move in a sinister spider manner including hydraulics which make the entire truck lift off the ground to produce the most eerie of effects. The project is “skinned”- as in made to look like an exact replica of a female emperor Scorpion with artistically placed and sculpted metal sheathing. The final touches are a steam punk look with rivets, textured fabrics and a patterned, oozy and highly mesmerizing multi- color light show.

Watch the monstrous flame-throwing scorpion truck in action:

Michael Cooney

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