This Expandable Camper Grows to Three Times Its Size With Just a Push of a Button

By: | September 16th, 2015

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Though campers are increasingly becoming popular, their tiny size and limited storage still remain the major downsides of camper travel.

The French company Beauer is offering a solution to tiny, cramped quartered camping without having to tow a huge trailer.

The Beauer 3X expandable teardrop trailer has a telescopic design that expands to three times the interior space.

This 8.5-foot long and 6-foot wide caravan looks like an ordinary teardrop trailer when being towed. But it provides unbelievably ample interior space in comparison to its original size with just a push of a button.

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The length of the travel trailer extends from 1.80 meters (5.9 feet) to 4.60 meters (15 feet) in about 20 seconds. In its fully telescoped form, you get a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living/dining area.

The interior fixtures are designed to interlock with each other when the caravan is closed for parking or moving on the road.

The 3X telescopic caravan is already launched in France. The company plans to launch it across Europe and the US in the coming years.

Nidhi Goyal

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