British Government to Shut Down All Its Coal Power Stations by 2025

By: | November 20th, 2015

Simon Grubb/Creative Commons License

The British Government plans to shut down all of the UK’s coal power stations by 2025.

Not to mention, restrictions are expected to be put on the use of coal power stations as early as 2023.

While 28 percent of the UK’s energy production currently comes from the country’s 15 remaining coal power stations, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd explains that “it cannot be satisfactory for an advanced economy like the UK to be relying on polluting, carbon intensive 50-year-old coal-fired power stations.”

Rudd says that by eliminating the use of coal power stations in the UK by 2025, it will allow the country to “build a new energy infrastructure, fit for the 21st century.”

Look for the British Government to continue its ongoing commitment to sustainable energy moving forward, as the UK becomes one of the first developed countries to commit to taking coal power stations offline.

Michael Cooney

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