Bloomberg Announces 2013 New Energy Pioneers From Around The World

By: | August 2nd, 2013

Bloomberg’s sixth annual New Energy Finance Summit in New York City recognizes 10 leading companies out of more than 200 from around the world from energy sectors including bioenergy, energy efficiency, digital energy and solar and water, based on their innovation, momentum and potential global scale. Suffice to say companies on Bloomberg’s list have passed many screens and are the best of the best. Here are this year’s winners:

Advantix Systems

Advantix Systems provides innovative and energy efficient air-conditioning systems that consume 30%-80% less energy than conventional varieties. Products include cooling and dehumidification systems for industrial and commercial applications. Advantix is a recent winter of an innovation award at the AHR Expo. It’s innovative liquid desiccant HVAC products provide powerful and precise humidity control, lower operating costs, upfront costs comparable to alternative equipment, low maintenance including no UV lights, drip panels, condensate lines or other coil treatments and naturally filters and disinfects air for improved air quality (IAQ). Clients typically include: schools, electronics manufacturers, fitness centers, ice rinks, meat processing plants, nursing homes, pharmaceutical manufacturers and warehouse storage companies.

Building IQ

Building IQ, an advanced building management company, optimizes energy use in commercial buildings using leading technologies and software. City governments, real estate groups management companies with office buildings save an average of 15 to 25% through the use of intelligent software and an integrated system called Building IQ that automates and optimizes demand response while avoiding peak pricing penalties. The company increases its clients Energy Star, LEED and NABERS ratings and improves a property’s valuation by increasing net operating income.

d.light design – Solar Power For The Poor

d.light design is a manufacturer and distributor of solar lighting and power products for the approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide without access to conventional electricity. One out of three people in the world lacks access to reliable electricity. d.light design’s goal is to create safety, comfort and opportunity for the world’s poor. The company is using innovative money raising crowdsourcing platforms but is also attracting money from mainstream investors.

Draker’s Energy

Draker Energy’s hardware, software and services monitor photovoltaic systems (PVS) providing essential information on energy production and optimizing performance in maintenance. Draeger provides end to end solutions for utility scale power plants. Ensuring reliability and long term viability of a utility scale solar project requires a comprehensive monitoring and control platform to maximize ROI and provide “bankability” reporting on potential sites. Draeger helps in the site prospecting process, the utility design phase and ongoing operation and monitoring. The company provides fully customized systems for each project that work to the highest standard of durability and reliability. Draeger is a valued partner throughout the lifecycle of a project.


EcoNation invests in smart daylight technology which is integrated into lighting systems of buildings to achieve energy savings. EcoNation’s Lightcatcher technology is a compact dome which spreads daylight into buildings in the most optimal way. As a result of this, lighting system customers are able to switch off traditional light fittings up to 3,650 hours a year thereby saving on their utility bill. Lightcatcher works most frequently with architects and construction engineers, infrastructure managers, building owners, roof contractors and others.

Harvest Power

Harvest Power designs, builds, owns and operates management systems and technology that produces renewable energy and high-end organic compost-based soils and fertilizers. The company is interested in helping farmers use top-quality soils, improve energy generation, revitalize soil, employ organic fertilizers, and better harness the carbon, energy and nutrient values of resources. Harvest is a leader in promoting energy independence and organic farming.

Ecosphere Technologies

Ecosphere Technologies manufactures ozone-based nonchemical water treatment and recycling technology for the oil and gas industries.

Joule Unlimited – Liquid Fuel From The Sun

Joule is a pioneer in “Helioculture Platforms” that convert sunlight and waste CO2 into renewables, fuels and chemicals. This is a unique company so a video is helpful.


Opower has designed a consumer interaction platform connecting home energy users with utilities, thermostats and appliances so energy consumption can be controlled and cost savings realized.

Whitewater Technologies

Whitewater Technologies builds cutting edge, industry leading network management and water quality monitoring solutions so water can be monitored and used more efficiently, saving companies lots of money.

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