Bloodhound Super Sonic Car: 0 – 200 MPH in Nine Seconds

By: | October 27th, 2017

Bloodhound Super Sonic Car

Bloodhound SSC

The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car hit a major milestone toward its ultimate record-setting goal of 1,000 mph (1,610 km/h).

In the rocket-powered car’s first public test at Newquay Airport in southwest England, the Bloodhound SSC bolted down the track at 210 mph (340 km/h).

The record-setting attempt isn’t expected to take place until 2020 in a dry lakebed in South Africa, but this recent trial run gives the team supreme confidence moving forward.

In the two runs down Newquay’s 1.7-mile (2.7-km) runway, the Bloodhound SSC was able to accelerate to 210 mph in approximately nine seconds.

“We did two back-to-back 200 mph runs in a five-ton car,” Green said after stepping out of the cockpit, according to the BBC. “It felt like about eight seconds, which was what we were expecting.”

The world land speed record of 763 mph (1,227 km/h) is looking more beatable than ever.

Marshall Smith

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