Bio-Organic Nanocrystals Charge A Cell Phone In Just 30 Seconds

By: | April 8th, 2014

You may have your Samsung Galaxy S4 or your latest iPhone, but if you don’t have battery power you’re basically holding a piece of junk. Rather than calling police to come to your rescue, you are left using your smartphone as a blunt object.

Battery rundown or exhaustion is something mobile companies have been searching to solve for years. As the problem has visited nearly everyone who owns one, a new breakthrough can’t come too soon.

Charging In Seconds Rather Than Hours

And Israeli startup StoreDot Ltd., founded by Doron Myersdorf, charges an empty battery in just 30 seconds using its new product called “NanoDot”. The technology currently works only with Galaxy S4 batteries but StoreDot is in the process of creating chargers that will work with all handsets. The product was unveiled this week at the Microsoft Think Conference in Tel Aviv.

Nanocrystals are 2 nm in diameter and are made of bio organic peptide molecules or short chains of amino acids that provide unique functionality: visible florescent regions, charge trapping, piezoelectrics, and optics. These crystals store a charge, emit light and are non-toxic.

According to the company, full production and availability of the chargers will not come until 2016 as design to reduce the currently unwieldy is currently underway.

Here’s a video of StoreDot in action; not the most exciting video but delivers the goods!

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