Big Data & Always Connected Customers Shattering Old Business Models

By: | May 10th, 2017

Always Connected ISS Spacwalk

Always Connected ISS Spacwalk (Image Courtesy NASA

The global IT industry is expected to grow to $2.69 trillion by 2020. There will be 30 billion connected devices in homes, businesses, and industries worldwide. Many of these devices will have smart capabilities. Most importantly, these devices will help create 44 zettabytes (ZB) of global data per year.

It is now becoming imperative that companies adapt their business models to include social media, social messaging platforms, new sources of data such the Internet of Things (IoT), and the new collaborative economy.

Today, real-time business, also known as “always on” and “always connected,” represents a new operating landscape. Social media technologies and platforms have become part of fundamental business practices, requiring business leaders to re-create customer engagement models from top to bottom. No matter what industry or what geographic area, the importance of social media, the connected customer, and 24/7 online activity and data creating cannot be ignored.

Understanding Today’s Technical Changes

Social media has become the most common online activity, having overtaken desktop devices in popularity several years ago. Those who use social media are the primary drivers of website traffic and online searches. Management can no longer delegate responsibility for understanding and monitoring social media, and other data activity to marketing and sales teams. Management must be integrally involved in collecting and interpreting information and deciding how to use it, often in real time.

Using Social Media Across Customer Lifecycles

Fujitsu’s white paper “Always Connected” outlines technology-led market trends, the importance of technology adoption, and quantifies how the Internet of Things will overwhelm us all with information. Fujitsu recommends today’s companies:

  • develop intelligent assets
  • build a smart workforce
  • run sustainable operations
  • maintain security and safety
  • and manage complexity

To achieve the above, companies must “connect a collaborative workforce.” The following video, “Fujitsu’s Hyper- connected Van-Keeping Your Workforce Connected,” is just one example of the new reality of a hyper-connected world.

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