Big Ben And The London Eye’s New Rival, 35 Story ArcelorMittal Orbit Sculpture (Slide Show)

By: | June 13th, 2013

After an Olympics costing the British $14.5 billion (9.3 billion pounds) the ArcelorMittal Orbit remains controversial.

The “random and chaotic” design or what the Guardian called “the infinitely looping lattice” of the $24 million (16 million pound) 377 foot (115m) ArcelorMittal Orbit sets it apart from the rest of London’s skyline and became a favorite and signature of the recent London Olympics. London Mayor Boris Johnson and the Olympic committee decided the Olympic Park needed something unique and unanimously selected ┬áthe project put forward by Group Arup engineers Anish Kapoor of India and Cecil Balmond of Sri Lanka. ArcelorMittal, a Luxembourg based steel company provided steel for the project.

According to the designers the design of ArcelorMittal was created as a representation of the extraordinary physical and emotional effort expended by Olympians in their drive to become champions. Due to the unusual design the project became a structural engineering challenge.

The following slideshow Includes 8 pictures of this extraordinary project in various stages of completion. Click “NEXT” above to view more images.

David Russell Schilling

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