The Best Images of Saturn from NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Over the Past 10 Years

By: | October 30th, 2014

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been circling Saturn for over a decade now and has captured some incredible images in the process.

After sending back over 300,000 images and traveling more than 3.8 billion miles, check out some of the best pictures of Saturn and its moons ever caught on camera below.

In 2017, the spacecraft will enter Saturn’s atmosphere and send back the closest images of Saturn ever captured before Cassini is annihilated by Saturn’s atmosphere.

Saturn’s Moon, Titan:

Saturn’s Moon, Pandora:

Saturn’s Moon, Hyperion:

Saturn’s Moon, Phoebe:

Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus (Icy Surface):

Saturn’s North Pole:

Saturn’s Rings:

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