Bee’ah Adds a Solar Power Aspect to their Headquarters in Sharjah

By: | October 29th, 2019

Credit: MIR

Bee’ah, the United Arab Emirates-based leader in environmental management has just made its plans for the new headquarters building in Sharjah a tad more impressive.

The architects office which undertook the project is the renown Zaha Hadid (The architects of the Beijing Daxing International Airport), and the tentative designs clearly show its distinctive character.

Credit: Luke Hayes/Zaha Hadid

The latest development in this ongoing project is that Bee’ah has contracted Masdar who will develop a state of the art ground-mounted solar power plant. 

For this part of the facility, Masdar will use the high-performing Tesla Powerpacks, storing the energy that will be collected by the solar panels and using it to power the headquarters during the nighttime.

With the intense sunlight that is bathing the 7450 square meter area that has been fettered for the project, this should be relatively easy to achieve. 

Bee’ah wants to have the new headquarters building ready within 2020, so the work will start soon and will follow a feverish pace. Masdar possesses the expertise and experience to pull this demanding project off, and their first public statements exude their confidence on that part. As they told the press:

“Having installed some of the first rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels on government properties in Abu Dhabi, and with more than a decade of experience applying green building solutions at our Masdar City home in Abu Dhabi, we are delighted to have been chosen to develop the solar power plant of the new Bee’ah headquarters.”

The new building is going to be the first AI-powered construction in the UAE, so Bee’ah is interested in taking this accolade too. 

Bill Toulas

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