BayWa Commissions Floating PV Park in the Netherlands

By: | November 14th, 2019

Image courtesy BayWa r.e.

The Netherlands got their third floating PV installation by the hands of the German expert BayWa, but this one is considerably larger than the previous ones.

Floating panels is a new technology that comes with a wide array of promises, and which is already taking on in Asia. The photovoltaic panels of this latest project are floating on rafts near the city of Zwolle, producing a nominal 14.5 MW of pure green energy.

BayWa completed the project in just six weeks, while all three installations were finished within a couple of months. The other two are a 2 MW plant in Weperpolder, and an 8.4 MW facility in Tynaarlo. But this is not the end in BayWa’s aspirations. The company is planning to add another 100 MW worth of floating PV panels across Europe, installing them on carports, agrisolar applications, building-integrated solutions, and rooftops of all kinds. Already, they are working on projects in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Why is everyone going crazy about these floating PV parks, and what makes them better than the conventional ground-mounted systems?

  • The land is more precious and can be used for other things instead.
  • No fixed structures and bases for the panels are needed, so installing or decommissioning them becomes way easier.
  • The panels enjoy “free” cooling from the water underneath, so they last longer and perform better.

Add to the above the environmental benefits such as the water evaporation reduction and the suppression of algae growth, and you have an ideal why it is a great idea to deploy PV panels.

Bill Toulas

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