Axidraw is a Personal Writing Robot Ready to Make Calligraphy Cool Again

By: | March 19th, 2016

In college, every paper we turned in had to be typed because inevitably, the teacher couldn’t decipher the handwriting of 70% of the class.

My handwriting is miserable to the purist, as it is a hybrid of traditional writing and cursive that I have somehow created over my 24 years of life.

But I do enjoy writing, and am probably in the minority in the fact that I’d rather handwrite an entire essay than have to type it out, but that’s just me.

Handwriting gives certain pieces of literature character you can’t quite get from Times New Roman.

What if there was a way to merge the two?

Evil Mad Scientist has developed a new personal writing robot called Axidraw that will use pretty much any type of writing utensil to translate computer input into beautiful calligraphy.

Technically, it would add another step to finishing your midterm, but at least you could turn in 20 pages of some type of crisp cursive, written with a quill pen.

This writing robot idea has potential!

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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