Avoid Hazardous Conveyor Belt Maintenance by Automating Lubrication

By: | March 11th, 2015

Safeguarding Your Employees & Assets

Regular maintenance is essential in keeping equipment, machines and the overall work environment both safe and productive.

Inadequate maintenance practices can result in accidents, dangerous situations, and costly downtime.

Conversely, a well-planned and consistently executed maintenance schedule can add years of service to equipment and increase a company’s bottom line thanks to reduced downtime and minimized repair costs.

Any type of maintenance program should include the implementation of safe lubrication practices for equipment, which can prove to be challenging for businesses seeking to conform to “Health and Safety” laws.

These laws, in place to protect workers and keep them out of harm’s way, can often bring about difficulties when it comes to accessing lube points for proper equipment lubrication.

One example of a tricky application is the material handling equipment found in most quarries. Belt conveyors are considered the best method of transporting raw materials from the production areas to the dispatch compounds, but are often exposed to harsh conditions and in elevated, hard-to-reach locations.

Not to mention, these conveyor systems feature a number of pinch points along the route that have to be shielded by protective guarding at all times.

In order to perform any maintenance procedure, the protective shield has to be removed, a very dangerous process. It is extremely important to not remove any of the guards before all of the machinery is locked out/tagged out and the equipment is blocked against hazardous motion. Quarries have a rigid lock off procedure from which deviations cannot occur.

Unfortunately, removing the guarding is a tedious process and generally takes longer than predicted, directly leading to delays that reduce productivity.

In many of these time-consuming lubrication cases, manual lubrication is not only inefficient, lubrication is never actually completed due to time restrictions and a shortage of manpower.

So What is the Solution?

The GREASOMATIC automatic lubricator offers a practical solution to lubricate conveying systems by utilizing remote tubing. This allows the bearing to be lubricated at all times without removal of the guarding, helping workers avoid a time-consuming and sometimes hazardous procedure.

GREASEOMATIC allows workers to completely avoid the process depicted above, ensuring safety as seen below:

Not only does the GREASOMATIC help safeguard quarry employees by minimizing their exposure to perilous areas, it also ensures the bearings are continuously maintained and that productivity and profitability of the quarry remain on target.

As you can see, the GREASOMATIC has become pertinent when it comes to safeguarding employees and ensuring that assets are always lubricated.

Automatic lubricators have been playing a vital role in the safe and reliable lubrication of a variety of equipment in dozens of industries for years now, but the GREASOMATIC, in particular, has proven to be an intricate asset pertaining to classified hazardous environments.

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