How This Automated Lamb Boning System Gives You The Perfect Cut of Meat, Every Time

By: | July 14th, 2015

People seem to be worried about robots eventually taking their jobs, but I’m all for robots taking over the entire butcher industry after watching the automated lamb boning system below.

Yes, it’s an odd name, but Scott Technology’s Automated Lamb Boning System performs like some crazy robot orchestra, producing perfect cuts of meat one after another.

Not to mention, the process looks about as efficient as it gets. I mean, there definitely won’t be a robot taking a cigarette break every 30 minutes, so there’s that.

And don’t worry if you are squirmish about this kind of stuff because these are all certified surgical butchering robots precisely slicing carcasses.

Not so bad when you think about it that way, huh?

Whatever you want to call it, this whole process is the result of some very impressive engineering.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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