Automated Apparel Machinery & Equipment Essential to Competitive Advantage

By: | April 9th, 2017


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The NEBB Institute is the leading machinery and equipment appraisal trade organization in the United States. The International Society of Business Appraisers includes an international network of machinery and equipment appraisers who inspect equipment in all 50 US states and in many international locations.

Anyone who manufactures apparel needs a variety of machinery and equipment for manufacturing and processing goods. Apparel manufacturers also need diagnostic and distribution equipment, fleets, heavy equipment, and access to a wide variety of fabrics that can be used in industrial settings.

India and China are two of the premier locations for the sale of garment and textile machinery, fabrics, accessories, and related industries. Gartex 2017 is one of India’s top annual apparel machinery and equipment and related product events. India is one of the top exporters of silk, cotton, woolen goods, apparel, and related items.

Bangladesh, long a supplier of labor to the apparel industry, is now embracing robotic technology to help it raise standards and output. The Bangladeshi government and companies recognize that in order to remain competitive, technologies that help boost productivity, improve delivery times, and meet higher demand with better products is critical.

In the United States, new efforts are being made to manufacture footwear and apparel products. This includes the Under Armor Lighthouse, a new process innovation center in Baltimore that is creating new and efficient processes to make footwear and apparel products. This is leading to job opportunities for those skilled at repairing and maintaining sewing machines, garment presses, conveyors, motors, reducers, sorters, sensors, and other components used in apparel and footwear factories.

In the US, entrepreneurs such as Need Supply Co. are venturing into the millwork business, buying or renting old factory space and purchasing new apparel-related machinery including box trucks and forklifts. And foreign companies such as Sri Lanka-based Acme-McCrary are investing in apparel manufacturing facilities in the United States. Acme-McCrary will invest $20 million to create a new apparel manufacturing facility and offices in Asheboro, North Carolina.

The following video, “US Clothing Designers Seek to Satisfy Demand for American Made,” explains how the apparel industry and the demand for apparel machinery and equipment is on the rise.

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