Artist Upcycles Trash into Tiny Houses for the Homeless

By: | April 25th, 2014

Greg Kloehn is an artist based out of Oakland, California, who recently discovered that what some people consider trash truly can be another person’s treasure.

After making a small house out of scraps and garbage he salvaged off the streets as a goal for himself and his creativity, Kloehn realized there was a legitimate need for these kind of miniature houses.

Now, making up for lost time with his unique idea, he spends every morning collecting illegally dumped trash off the streets, from 2x4s to paint and even refrigerator doors.

With the help of  a few volunteers, Kloehn has now built over 12 small homes on wheels and gifted the houses to the homeless in his area.

While Kloehn can’t reduce homelessness all by himself, he does say his way is cheaper and faster than other methods currently being used to provide shelter for the homeless. His cost to build a tiny house is less than $100.

Michael Cooney

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