Artificial Intelligence & Cutting Edge Automotive Technology

By: | October 9th, 2018

Sit Back & Relax, AI’s Got This

Deep learning AI is now “at the wheel” or fully integrated in most new automobiles. According to Nvidia, “AI as a robust layer of safety, acting as an extra set of eyes and ears when a driver’s attention is focused elsewhere . . . Thanks to advances in deep learning and GPU development, this new era of travel will be possible as soon as companies integrate AI into every level of vehicle design, manufacturing, and driving.”

Key innovations, according to Tractica, in an industry that will reach $26 billion by 2025 include:

  1. algorithms that mimic cognitive functions
  2. algorithms that can solve problems independently of humans
  3. mimicking, augmenting and supporting the actions of humans
  4. leveraging advanced reaction times and pinpoint precision of machine-based systems
  5. AI-driven in-car assistants that use natural language programming (NLP) and machine learning techniques
  6. and more.

Complex Technology Under the Hood & Inside

In a recent issue of The Automated Innovation Journal from Springer the following article topics provide a clear idea of how “high-tech” and complex automobile technology are becoming.

  • A survey of artificial intelligence for vehicles
  • Estimating a vehicles dynamic stability based on the nonlinear Kalman filter
  • Investigation and application of the particle vibration models of the seated human body
  • Car worthiness optimization of steel-magnesium hybrid double hat shaped tubes
  • Lightweight body in white design driven by optimization technology
  • The effect of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on the lap-sheer strength of adhesive bonded sheet molding compound joints
  • Progress in automotive transmission technology
  • and, High-voltage safety improvement design for electric vehicle in rear impact

Top Automotive Innovations

Famed automotive critic Henry Payne recently provided his list of 10 top recent innovations in the automotive sector. It’s a great article that helps people understand the earth-shattering changes that are underway in the automotive world and the old standards that are now drifting into history.

For example, he mentions “old-fashioned door-lock posts on windowsills” which we would pull out or push down are now being replaced by electronic rocker switches on door panels. Another innovation mentioned by Payne is the possibility of never having to open a car door again. “Kick-open sliding doors” would allow passengers to enter a car with hands full with groceries or a sleeping child.

Reinventing Automobiles

Who would ever imagine automobiles could be redesigned to be nearly unrecognizable. According to pronounced “” there are numerous innovations:

  1. driverless vehicles,
  2. road trains aka “vehicle platoons”
  3. kinetic asphalt,
  4. energy recycling and regenerative brakes
  5. self-parking automobiles
  6. rear-end collision avoidance systems
  7. OnStar Mirror which replaces your car’s rearview mirror with diagnostic capabilities, new functionality, access to a service network and automated crash response
  8. driver-side doctor diagnostics to help those with allergies, diabetes and heart issues
  9. Google search algorithms using Google’s Prediction API to track your every move to help make the car more energy efficient and safe.
  10. improved car charging technologies including an inductive charging system
  11. ghost driver that will drive the car while you relax
  12. standard auto-10 for privacy
  13. keyless car entry (of course)

Following is a hand on look at the role of deep learning in self-driving cars:

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