Are You a Small Business Owner? Then You Can Have a Robot Too!

By: | June 4th, 2021

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Sometimes the small business–often owner-operated and owned gets the short end of the stick when it comes to technological advancements for their little–but significant business. Well, no more!

The Daily Struggles of Small Businesses And Their Owners

You can ask any small business owner, and they will tell you that if ever an opportunity presented itself for them to optimize their business, reduce costs and yield a turnover and they will jump at it!

Unfortunately, up until now, this has been a mere dream. Large corporations have the capital or financial backing to invest in technologies that will serve them well in the 4th Industrial Revolution. At the same time, the small business owner hasn’t been able to.

Boston Dynamics Has The Solution!

This manufacturer reached a new target audience in developing their product, referred to as a Stretch Robot. It will make the business operation of any small business owner run at an optimized and profit-orientated level!

This robot brings much relief to production and warehouse operations by possessing the capability of targeting an array of pallets. With the help of series of cameras and sensors, it can pick up a load totaling 50 pounds by means of suction cupping located on its robotic arm.

What’s more, it can handle a total of 800 cases an hour, which is equivalent to human labor abilities. It is speculated that all this comes at the cost of $75 000. It can be seen as having your own freelancer at a moment’s notice and eliminates a fixed labor cost.

How Does The Stretch Robot Measure up in Costs?

It is estimated that the annual licensing fees for this robotic advancement will cost business owners $18 000. Even though human operating labor and some regular maintenance will be required, it still yields a massive saving in labor costs!

It remains to be seen if this new technology will eventually take over any human labor in production and warehousing operations.

Discover for yourself what this robot can mean for your business by watching the video below:


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