Architect Turned Old Cement Factory Into His Incredible Home and Workplace With Awesome Interiors

By: | April 11th, 2017

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In 1973, Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill discovered a cement factory near Barcelona. He visualized opportunity in those enormous silos, underground tunnels, and machine rooms of that old factory. He decided to purchase the factory and used his talent to transform that rambling structure into a majestic home called La fábrica.

Bofill wrote on his website, “Seduced by the contradictions and the ambiguity of the place, we quickly decided to retain the factory and sculpt it like a work of art.”

The factory underwent renovation as per Bofill’s plan.

Bofill and his dedicated team spent a year and a half doing renovation in the factory and finally it was furnished to give it a touch of modern living space. The final building has four areas, which includes a living area, gardens, a studio to work, and an exhibition and conference hall.

The silos were transformed into giant sculptures. The factory hall was transformed into a conference and exhibition hall. To beautify the space, La fábrica garden was created. Different varieties of plants including eucalyptus trees, palm trees, olive trees, and climbing vines were introduced.

The transformation of the old cement factory into the luxurious fairytale home is really unbelievable

Bofill mentioned, “Presently I live and work here better than anywhere else. It is for me the only place where I can concentrate and associate ideas in the most abstract manner. The Cement Factory is a place of work excellence. Life goes on here in a continuous sequence, with very little difference between work and leisure.”

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