Amazon Working With DHL and Audi to Explore the Viability of Trunk Deliveries and Returns

By: | April 27th, 2015

Audi “Drones” Commercial Screenshot

Amazon has partnered with DHL and Audi and will begin testing a pilot program next month encompassing delivering packages directly to the trunk of select Audi-owning Prime customers in Munich.

According to Amazon, the DHL delivery agent will get one-time keyless access to your trunk when it’s time for your package to be delivered, ensuring safety and eliminating the need for added insurance.

The main idea behind the initiative is to eliminate the need for folks to be home to sign for packages or having them sent somewhere else, as trunk deliveries will be much more efficient.

If all goes well, Amazon says they are all for exploring the viability of trunk returns, where you could leave a package for someone to pick up for you.

As far as trunk deliveries go, Amazon said in a statement, “We plan long term to make the service for Prime members available everywhere.”

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