Aitech Unleashes High-Capacity 1 TB Rad-Tolerant Memory Card

By: | June 5th, 2023

Aitech Systems, a company specializing in military, aerospace, and space applications solutions, has taken a giant leap forward in memory storage technology with its latest innovation: the S993 memory card.

Designed specifically for space missions, this radiation-tolerant 3U CompactPCI memory card is poised to transform the landscape of onboard data storage.

What sets the S993 apart is its staggering 1 TB of onboard storage space, a capacity that promises to revolutionize the capabilities of space electronics. As the demands for data in space continue to grow, this memory card’s generous capacity opens doors for developing more advanced systems in future space applications.

Vivek Hazari, the Director of Engineering at Aitech, declares the S993 a true game-changer in onboard memory storage. Its introduction marks a significant milestone in pursuing reliable and high-capacity data storage during spaceflight and communication with Earth.

To ensure the integrity of the stored data, the S993 memory card incorporates built-in hardware error detection and correction mechanisms. This feature fortifies the reliability of the card, even in harsh and challenging space environments.

With a low single-event upset (SEU) rate and high latch-up immunity, the S993 is primed to excel in the most demanding space conditions.

Aitech’s Flash File Driver (FFD) technology enables seamless access to the memory card as a file system, streamlining data management tasks.

Additionally, the Flash Translation Layer (FTL) within the S993 takes charge of vital functions such as writes, wear leveling, bad block management, and garbage collection. By offloading these responsibilities from the host processors, the S993 optimizes system performance and efficiency.

Aitech’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the space industry shines through its innovative offerings. The S993 memory card serves as a testament to their dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions for space missions across different orbit levels. But Aitech doesn’t stop there.

The company has plans to expand the interfaces of the S993, including Space VPX Lite (VITA 78.1) and TSN/TTE Ethernet. By broadening the range of compatible interfaces, Aitech aims to cater to a broader array of space applications, enabling them to benefit from the immense storage capabilities offered by the S993.

As space exploration and missions push boundaries, Aitech Systems remains at the forefront of innovation, providing the tools and solutions that propel humanity’s presence in the cosmos. With the S993 memory card leading the charge, the possibilities for groundbreaking discoveries and achievements in space are boundless.


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