Aeroworks: RC Flight’s Passionate Pioneers

By: | March 16th, 2016


Aeroworks 30cc Ultimate (Image Courtesy

A successful entrepreneur will often make it imperative that the products and services must be of the same quality as he would use himself. According to those who know Rocco Mariani products, there is never any need to talk to Aeroworks about plane set up because everything is carefully designed, marked, identified, and can be put together intuitively.

Rocco Mariani, founder and President of Aeroworks, began flying radio controlled (RC) airplanes when he was 10 years old. As a teenager, Mariani entered IMAC and Fun-Fly competitions with aircraft he had designed and built himself. Mariani’s planes were recognized by his competitors as having more features, better design and construction, and superior performance. From this point on, Mariani was in business for himself, and his first major plane was the 1992 Aeroworks World Class Aircraft. Thereafter, Mariani began offering Builder’s Kits, Deluxe Pre-Build Kits, and Pre-Fab Pieces. In 2002, Aeroworks began manufacturing Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) aircraft.

Aeroworks now offers the following:

  • Quick Build (QB) and Quick Build Light (QB-L) Series Product Line in 90 different variations.
  • Sport, Precision, 3D, Scale, and Trainer Aircraft
  • High-quality and industry standard setting model aircraft design and manufacturing
  • Dealers worldwide in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom.

The following video is an interview with Rocco Mariani.

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