Adidas 3D-Printed Shoe Prototype is Made of Plastic Waste From the Ocean

By: | December 14th, 2015

Adidas collaborated with Parley for the Oceans to create a new 3D-printed shoe concept that is made out of plastic waste from the ocean.

The prototype features a 3D-printed midsole made from recycled polyester and fishing nets in addition to the upper part of the shoe which is comprised of “ocean plastic content.”

Adidas says the shoe “stands for how we can set new industry standards.”

“Protecting life underwater became the 14th development goal of the United Nations,” said Parley’s founder Cyrill Gutsch in a press release. “Therefore, Parley in Paris is all about updating knowledge, sharing visions, fine-tuning strategies, creating concepts and forging collaborations in order to kickstart change.”

While this is yet another interesting 3D-printed concept, I’m interested in actually seeing how practical some of these ideas are versus simply using them as marketing tools.

It’s an interesting idea and if we can clean up our seas in the process, good on Adidas and Parley for the Oceans.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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